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Experience Online Grocery Shopping with Free Home Delivery

Experience Online Grocery Shopping with Free Home Delivery


You are not reading in a dream but it is a hardcore fact that  operates on the principle of free home delivery in Karachi. The answer to your next question is that there is no minimum order limit and you may order as much as you like. This goes to show that we don’t have a hidden agenda and we are here to facilitate our customers. If we gave a free delivery option on an online grocery shopping of Rs 999, you may have thought the other way around.

Buying fruits online is always tricky. You don’t know if the products you are viewing at the grocery shopping store are what you’ll get at your doorstep. The online shopping experience in Pakistan faces a constant dilemma of ‘you don’t get what you see on the web’. The fancy images of fruits and vegetables are to blame here and the solution to this is to use only the real pictures of the products. We sell export quality grocery products and hand-picked fruits and vegetables from selected vendors which puts a huge responsibility on our shoulders to maintain the quality and keep our end of the deal. Our focus is to stay true to our word and develop a long-term relationship with our customers.

Physical Shopping Vs. Online Grocery Shopping

Visiting a fancy mall and shopping for groceries may seem to be a good idea to imagine but in reality, it is quite a hassle. With lives getting busier, the shopping malls may only be left to those out for pleasure and for the sake of some leisurely time with families and friends. Contemporary malls are equipped with cinemas and literally everything we can think of as a human. The presence of multiple brands makes shopping fun but hectic at the same time.

Online grocery shopping rescues us from the exhausting part and saves our precious time which may come in handy for a number of healthy activities. We may utilize the extra time in extending our fitness routine or increasing our jogging time or spending more time with the kids.

The crux of physical shopping still lies with the conventional grocery store. By the look of these pristine malls, shopping seems to be fun and easy but the fact is that we are still getting used to mall-driven grocery shopping. If there is a real competitor of the online grocery shopping industry, it is the old-school street vendor or the ones sitting in the markets.

For the most part, it is difficult for the current younger generation who studies in decent school systems to buy from these fruit vendors. It may become difficult for them to talk and strike a deal with these guys as they may seem overwhelming for these kids. Not everyone is good at the bargaining process.

Online grocery shopping saves the day and takes the burden of bargaining and the stress of dealing with the ill-mannered fruit vendors out of the question. Kids and young adults find it easier to order online instead of visiting the guy at the corner of the street.  Moreover, it is a way they contribute towards their families.


The Language Barrier

Most of the fruit and vegetable vendors in Lahore speak Punjabi and those who study in the government schools may find it easier to deal with them. Those living in the urban areas find it difficult to converse with them as they are expecting an answer in Urdu and what they hear is Punjabi in a deflated mode. No offense to anyone but this is the ground reality we have to deal with, as a resident of Lahore.

At an online vegetable store, you don’t need to speak with them in the first place. The process begins with adding products to a virtual cart and ends at the congratulations page. The checkout process is simply a chain of tapping or clicking steps. However, if you do interact with customer support on the phone, as far as  we concerned, we have a well-behaved and literate customer support staff listening to you and do not rest until the order reaches the given address.

Catering to the Far-Flung Areas

Grocery shopping in Pakistan is a saturated market because the population of Karachi is growing. With the increasing population and Lahore expanding, there is a huge potential for the online grocery shopping sector, especially among the far-flung areas. Furthermore, construction of houses or buildings in the new societies of Karachi demands the presence of online shopping stores. We deliver for free to the people of Karachi no matter the distance it has to travel. It is a luxury for them and beneficial to those bound by time and a busy routine.

No Hidden Taxes – No More Irritation

Now you may be able to afford top-quality products and receive them in the comfort of your homes without paying extra taxes. Even at a restaurant, you have to pay sales tax and other kinds of taxes at the end of your lunch or dinner but  we like to offer you convenience rather than putting pressure on your pockets. We don’t burden you with additional cost and you only have to pay for the products you buy.

For those thinking about ‘what’s on the menu?’, we are offering a wide range of products including pulses, lentils, spices, sugar, salt, beverages along with fresh fruits and vegetables which are a hot selling commodity already. Give us a call from any part of Lahore and buy vegetables, fruits, and groceries online – 03

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